Réserve Africaine de Sigean

Among garrigues and ponds, near the Mediterranean coast side of Aude, the Réserve Africaine de Sigean host more than 3,800 animals, sharing an area of almost 300 ha (740 acres).

The Réserve-Africaine-de-Sigean is a zoological semi-natural wildlife park designed to offer animals a territory vast enough to allow them to express completely their natural behaviours, as they would in their wild origin land. The Réserve Africaine de Sigean is not simply another recreational spot. Being a zoological park it follows other aims, such as breeding animals species which are threatened for the future generations, or adding to human knowledge the wild fauna and help to better understand wild animals, their inter-dependence and their relationships with their environment.

Réserve Africaine de Sigean
Map showing Réserve Africaine de Sigean

Sigean reserve
Réserve Africaine de Sigean

Access to this wildlife park is very easy. Located only 15 km of Narbonne city, heading south on the road 6009 toward Perpignan, signposts will invite you to explore this African land.
The park is approximately 50 km north of Perpignan city or Perpignan airport (via motorway n°9). If you are in the Carcassonne region an approximate 45 mn (70 km) drive will take you to the Sigean African Reservation. If you are staying in one of the numerous Minervois villages, such as Rieux Minervois, Caunes, Villeneuve, La Redorte or Siran it wouldn't take more than a 1 hour drive. Beziers city or Beziers airport is only half an hour drive away. Travelling from the Minervois area, we would advise you to take the short cut through the arid Corbieres hills. It might be a longer trip along the windy roads but you'll enjoy the beautiful remarkable wild landscape.

This drive will take you through lovely villages such as Ferrals les Corbieres where you might be tempted to divert slightly your route of only 13 km to visit the fascinating village of Lagrasse famous for its Abbey dating back from Charlemagne's time in 799, old paved streets, pottery shops and art galleries, or its 12th century humped stone bridge.
The Réserve Africaine de Sigean is a combination of a "drive in park" followed by a more conventional on foot visit of the zoological site. The "drive in" visit lasting about an hour is carried out with your own car and takes place in an open space where numerous species of wild animals are minding their own business! If you are without vehicle or if your car is not suitable for such an open space ride, or if you finally opted for a taxi ride, rental minibuses are available. Add on an extra 2 hours for the foot visit.

All in one, count on a full but worthwhile half a day visit.

The park is only a couple of kilometers from the golden sandy Mediterranean beaches stretching from Narbonne to Perpignan. You can easily combine this tour either prior to or after your visit of the Réserve de Sigean with a half day of sun tanning and sea bathing.
A mere 14 km south will take you to Port la Nouvelle or 22 km to La Franqui, Leucate or further south to Barcares.
Going north and driving around the pond of Bages for about 32 km you'll at length enjoy the beauty of Gruissan plage and what was once a "fishermen village" huts built on piles but today converted into holiday-houses facing 15 kms of fine sand beach.
Gruissan is also known by wind-sport fans as one of the best spots on the Mediterranean coast.

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