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Taxi hire company located in the Minervois, Occitanie region in France (former Languedoc-Roussillon region).

Taxi du Minervois
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Who are we and what are we (administrative information) was founded in 2002. Our taxi company consists of several cars driven by focused and committed people for the accomplishment of their jobs. Always ready to fulfil their duty of helping our guests at any time. is a proper and legitimate taxi company owned by Jacques Magniet. Registered under the company number (siret) 321033102000062 operating within the regulations consistent with the taxi trade n°: 49.32Z (NAF).
The above regulations are governed by French law N° 95-66. Dated January 1995. These regulations state the applicable regulations for transportation of individuals in return of remuneration.

Your can access the original official journal text 2014-1104 dated 01/10/2014 related to taxi & small cab law by clicking on the following link... 

Taxi hire regulations in France - .pdf format (in French).

Taxi hire regulations in France

Vehicle obligation:
All our taxi vehicles are lawfully fitted with a specific and sealed, metering taxi device, used to calculate the proper fees of a given journey and are identifiable by an illuminated taxi sign attached to the car's roof. This taxi sign (also called "tariff repeater") will provide any passer-by or law enforcement officer with the tariff used inside the car at any given time.

Driver commitment:

Fully licensed taxi drivers have to comply with rigorous training, qualified by two detailed exams before a licence is granted. A licensed taxi driver has to follow specific training, which includes not only all taxi regulations and law, but will also include first aid training. Amongst many other various subjects a topography class (for best selection of the most appropriate itinerary) is also included. The qualifying driver, prior to the training period has to be fit and will need to pass a thorough professional medical test. Condition N° 1 to apply for taxi training will be to have held, for more than two years, a licence to drive a light vehicle and to have a totally unblemished Police record.

Your Guarantee:

Contrary to unmarked cars (non-taxi or private cars) French regulations on a taxicab vehicle compels that any taxi car has to pass an annual contrôle technique, or used car testing (MOT). The same annual control also applies to the metering gears together with an updating of fares. Further, it will need to be shown that the vehicle is an authorized registered taxi company. All client passengers are covered by an appropriated insurance specifically designed for paying passengers and their luggage. Taxi-du-Minervois is also covered with a suitable professional civil liability warranty.

Vehicle requirements:

It is important to point out that one has to be cautious when scheduling online transport reservation. There are a number of bogus websites at this time offering low-cost prices for taxi services. Many of those ‘so-called’ taxi companies are operating outside the law and have no qualifying status for the safety of paying passengers. The description and label that they award themselves, as 'taxi' is no more than a euphemism in order to make fast money with no regulation. After reading the above, it is easy to understand that a taxi company (no matter which one you plan to use) is - like in any other business field - required to comply with strict regulations imposed by law for your protection and safety. A legitimate taxi company will by law guaranty the welfare of passengers left under its responsibility.

Specials services offered to customers by is not only an ordinary taxicab company. We feel that, although our first goal is to offer our clients the best taxicab hire service by taking you from A to B, when requested, particularly for first-time travellers in our region, we are also interested in helping you to find the best way possible to facilitate your travel, your stay and your departure. Most of our drivers have (in some other professional life) experienced intensive travelling abroad and the problems associated with foreign travel. Consequently, we are very aware of the problems that foreign travel can bring especially in an unfamiliar country, were habits and customs, or behaviour and rules, can be quite different from your home country. Therefore, it is our endeavour to make the travel aspect of our clients as easy and as painless as possible.

Prior to confirming a reservation with Taxi-du-Minervois we are at your service for any precise information about the region that you plan to visit. Provided the information is within our capability or within reach of our inquiries then we will happily provide such information by e-mail. Please contact us to make your taxi hire reservation.

During you stay in France should you have matters which seem to be irresolvable or a problem that requires the assistance of a bi lingual interpreter then you are welcome to call for our advices.

Prior to your return journey and as part of our service we are always able to provide you with to best advice on planning your departure. For train travel we will enquire and keep you updated with delays or strikes and can make the same agreement with you regards air travel.

Telephone : +33 (0) 670 374 885