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Montpellier city in Herault, Languedoc Roussillon, France

Montpellier was only two centuries old in 1181, when its Lord Guilhem VIII signed a surprising and far-reaching edict. He declared that anyone, regardless of religion or background, could teach medicine in Montpellier... And thus was born, at the end of the 12th century, what is today's oldest operating medical school in the occidental world.

The Chateau de Flaugergues and the Chateau de la Mogere, symbols of Montpellier's wealth and prosperity in the 18th century, symbols of wealth and prosperity inspired by the Italian "villas" on the outskirts of Venice and formed a halo around the city. The city has two national Opera Houses just 400 metres apart.

An oasis of peace for poets, an island of greenery for Montpellier, the Jardin des plantes is the oldest botanic garden in France! The Peyrou esplanade previously Royal square with its panoramic view, towering statue of Louis XIV, Arc de Triomphe, water tower, and the ancient arches of a Roman aqueduct, Les Arceaux.

The belvedere that gives a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding area, which Jean Giral, the architect, completed in 1774, the date of Louis XVI's accession to the throne.

Montpellier's central square (Place de la Comedie) also known as l'OEuf (the Egg) because of its original oval shape, it is one of the largest pedestrian areas in Europe.

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